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Thank you for supporting our small business! 

Intro & History


We are Aiman and Faa, the LA-based creators and storytellers of Fungisaurs. We share a passion for travel, art, quirky collectibles, mushrooms, and dinosaurs. It was only a matter of time till we designed an original toy line combining our interests and multi-perspective thinking learned from real-life experiences.  

The idea of Fungisaurs was born on our way back from Yosemite National Park as we were perusing a mushroom identification handbook and were given dinosaur stickers at In-N-Out Burger. We furiously started sketching the new dinosaur-mushroom hybrid species and prototyped them on a 3D printer upon returning home.



Aiman Akhtar, Co-creator and the original designer of the Fungisaurs characters. Digital sculptor and 3D printing expert, photographer, storyteller, animator, video editor, and many more. Definitely likes to wear many hats.


Faa Kinoshita, Co-creator and Creative Director of the Fungisaurs brand. She takes a innovative and imaginative approach to Fungisuars as a Community manager, storyteller, and design thinker with endless ideas.

Fungisaurs Contributors


Cat Arthur

The audio magician for our animation, Cat created the score and sound effects.


David Lopez

David's a pro 2D artist and legit voice actor to boot. He was the voice of Dr. Také and the arresting agents in our animation. 


Elvin Torres

Painter extraordinaire for all of the Fungisaurs 3D print prototypes versions 1 and 2!


Feras Khagani

Talented storyboard artist who lent his mad skills to help us visualize the Fungisaurs origin story. Feras' website

Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 10.28.31

Gigi Jirapolchet

A digital marketing expert who helped initiate our e-commerce and implement all things digital marketing! Her work can be found on 



Our biggest cheerleader and reminder to take frequent walks and playtime breaks. And he has an Instagram page. 


Laura Stephens

Fungisaurs marketing strategy, research and guidance throughout the development process.


Megan Ring

Quite simply the best voice actress in LA to play Fungisaurs lead heroine, Kei!


Nara Thada

Our talented website designer with her chubby boii, Boba are behind this amazing web re-design, follow here works at 


Ryan Winch

Character concepts and design. Ryan's expertise helped us flesh out the Fungisaurs universe. 

Ryan Winch


Zack Rock

Like a game programming superhero, Zack swooped in to create a kick-ass Fungisaurs mobile AR demo

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Eco Tour

Vector (2).png

Just like mushrooms, Fungisaurs spores travel on the winds, so they quickly spread to all corners of the globe! Send us your Fungisaurs photos for a chance to be featured!

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What's Next?

With your support, we hope to connect with small retailers across the United States and by getting Fungisaurs into more stores nationwide, hope to get enough funding to continue engaging, educating and evolving the Fungisaurs brand into a 100% sustainable company. More importantly, we hope to inspire generations about dinosaurs, mushrooms and encourage imaginative play by going outside!


Message us at if you are a retailer or know someone who might be interested in carrying Fungisaurs at their store!

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